This is what we’re about!

The main focus of our Youth Work is working in schools.

Where do young people spend most of their waking time?

No, not in the park or on their games console. It’s in SCHOOL. This is where the attention of our young people are. So, this is where we need to be! And this where Camberley Youth for Christ has been for the last 20 years.

We ensure all our school’s work is professional and of a high standard, with safeguards in place. We don’t take our relationships with the schools for granted and therefore take our youth work seriously (with a pinch of fun thrown in).

We provide a plethora of schools work across 4 Secondary Schools in and around Camberley.

The Schools we work in are:

  1. Kings International
  2. Collingwood College
  3. Gordon’s School
  4. Tomlinscote


What we do in schools.

All our youth services in schools are run by the hard work and dedication of our employed staff and volunteers. See below all we organise in and around the schools we work in.


No programme, just meeting young people at break-time or lunch and seeing how they are!? It’s about building relationships and for the young people to be comfortable with our presence in their school.

Here is our weekly pattern.

  • Tuesday lunch = Gordon’s school (we eat and go around the different houses)
  • Thursday break = Kings International College
  • Friday lunch = Collingwood College with the year 7’s

We’re hoping to start doing detached youth work at Tomlinscote School in the future. Watch this space.

We provide a variety of RS/RE/PRC lessons such as; Christianity vs science, creation, the 10 commandments, morality, and many more. All our lessons provide the Christian perspective on a given subject.

We also run prayer-spaces, where we turn classrooms into engaging, multi-sensory prayer activities. Please do contact us if you’re interested or would like to book us.

We offer excellent, fun, interactive and thought-provoking assemblies, all with a Christian element. From Easter to Christmas, to just random dates in the year!

We gather Christians and non-Christians in their schools to explore faith in a relevant and meaningful way. A typical session will normally involve – Sweets – Games – a Talk – Prayer.

Here is our weekly schedule of CU’s:

  • Rock Solid CU = Tomlinscote school, Mondays after school and we meet in the library.
  • COS Club =  Collingwood college, Thursdays at lunchtime and we meet in Borrossa J8.

Anyone and everyone is welcome!

‘Oasis’ is our lunch club. Called ‘Oasis’ as the aim of the club is to be a safe place where young people can gather at lunch. This is for young people who are perhaps struggling with school and just need somewhere to hang-out. We play pool, play games, have fun and there’s normally some refreshments involved.

  • Oasis is on Friday lunch at Kings International

Pastoral student support

From Anger management courses, to mentoring services, and self-esteem building, we offer a variety of pastoral support for young people. All young people are referred from schools for this service. We’ve also extended our pastoral support to the local Borough Council.

Pastoral student support

Our work