The atmosphere in #schoolswork

Schools have changed over the years and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for faith-based organisations to have a regular presence in schools.

That being said, Camberley Youth for Christ has fantastic relationships with 5 local Secondary Schools, providing a plethora of schools work. Our relationships have been established for 25 years and we do not take them for granted. The schools trust our work and we want to continue building on these relationships.

However, if we want to build and develop we need more volunteers.

If your part of a local Church in Surrey Heath, volunteering with Camberley Youth for Christ is a great way of getting your Church out there and doing missional evangelism.

As we’re about seeing young peoples lives changed by Jesus.

How can you volunteer?

Join our Pastoral Student Support team

Within the local Secondary Schools, we offer a variety of pastoral services (anger management, mentoring and active listening)  that allows us to help and walk alongside individual young people as they cope with and learn to respond to the issues/ difficulties they may be facing. This does include training and will require a commitment of at least 1-2 hours a week.

Join our Self-esteem group courses

Wise up and wise guys are health education and self-esteem building courses for young people aged 11-16. Each course is 6 weeks long with no more than 8 young people. If you are able to commit about an hour a week for 6 weeks, then these courses may be for you.

Join our Detached Youth Work team 

Detached workers spend their lunch or breaks in the playground of our local secondary schools just talking to young people who are hanging around. This is a weekly commitment of no more than an hour a week. If you are comfortable making conversation with whoever happens to be around, then this could be for you. This is a great opportunity to plug a local youth club or youth group that might be happening at your Church. We could also help plug our Christian Unions.

Religious Studies (RS) Lessons

Local schools occasionally ask us to come in and do RS lessons about topical subjects from a Christian perspective (e.g. science and religion, atonement, Is Jesus who he said he was?). Lesson plans are written by our team, and working in a team of two you would deliver the lesson to up to 30 young people. (the teacher would also be present). A great opportunity to talk to young people about faith, God and Jesus.

School clubs

We provide Christian Unions and lunchtime clubs at our local schools. These clubs are a weekly commitment of about an hour, in term time only. Great opportunity to meet local young people.

Prayer Spaces

CYFC will come in and set up an interactive prayer space that will be in place for about a week. When volunteering, giving a day to come and help run prayer spaces is really useful to us; you would be helping watch over the young people as they do the prayer activities and reset the prayer stations ready for the next classes. This would be an occasional one-off commitment where you can give a day or two to come in and help. The prayer spaces also take around 4 hours to set up/ pack away, so you could help with that.

Could you represent us in your Church and community?

Fly the flag of Camberley Youth for Christ.

Your main roles would be:

  • A contact for us in your Church
  • To speak with Church leaders, congregation members (including young people) and members of your community about our work.
  • To promote our work
  • To try and keep up to date with everything going on

Interested? Contact our Centre Director or…


Find out more


We believe that prayer is powerful! Therefore, we want to wrap our organisation in prayer and we would love for people to pray with us

We organise monthly prayer meetings where we pray for our work, young people and the community.

Please join us in prayer.

We normally meet on a Thursday morning and the location changes between local Churches.

Contact our administrator to find out when the next prayer meeting is.


Interested in joining our team?

Please contact us and we would love to have that conversation with you!


FAQs for volunteering with us

Hopefully answering some of your questions will make you feel more comfortable in doing youth work.

If you have any more questions please do contact us.

Sometime’s we have volunteers who can’t commit regularly, but there is still space to help! We are often looking for people to do a one-off RE lesson, assembly, give a day to help with prayer spaces, or cover detached/Christian Unions for a volunteer who is away. Having these extra volunteers who can help out occasionally is so valuable to us and means that we can say yes to more things.

Do not fear! Training is provided, and we will not ask you to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing. Apart from listening/mentoring, you would not be left on your on your own for anything, and we will support you and help you to build up confidence alongside more experienced volunteers.

Please don’t think that your age or experience should affect whether you would be a valuable part of our team. At CYFC we’re looking for people who have a relationship with God and care about young people.

Some of the best youth workers we know are in their later years! Anyone can do youth work if you truly care about young people.

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