A new partnership has just begun!

That’s correct!

With the recurring theme of budgets being cut in the youth sector across the UK, Borough Councils are looking for new ways to engage with young people. The Surrey Heath Borough Council has proactively been gathering local children’s and youth work charities, (Churches included), to help partner and work together to provide early help.

“Early help means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life, from the foundation years, through to the teenage years”. Working together to Safeguard Children, March 2015.

This opened the door for a new partnership to be formed.

The Surrey Heath Borough Council have asked if we can help by providing our Pastoral Support. This has been a great opportunity to not only help young people in need but also give us more of a presence of who Camberley Youth for Christ is.

As mentioned, this partnership is new and small but the hope and prayer is to increase our support.

This is also a great opportunity for Churches to get involved! There is a huge need and if Churches are ‘for their community’, this is a practical way they can practice what they preach.

Our Centre Director, Oli Deeks, is currently supporting a young lad referred from the Borough Council, to deliver our Anger Managment course at a local youth centre. He also got involved with some detached youth work in Frimley, accompanied by Stephen Fenwick, the youth worker at Frimley Baptist Church.

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