Hello, my name is Lydia and I’m a student at Farnborough Sixth Form. I study Performing Arts, Fashion Textiles and Mathematics! I’ve just completed my work experience placement with Camberley Youth for Christ. This blog is just a little about my experiences and the kinds of things I’ve got up to!

I went every Wednesday afternoon to Camberley Youth for Christ headquarters at Kings International College to work for Oli, the Centre Director.

I thought that Camberley Youth for Christ was the perfect place for me to do my work experience as it’s a Christian youth work charity and I’m a Christian, I’m youth and, well, Oli has also been my youth worker for the past 5 years!

My work at Camberley Youth for Christ has included social media posts and design templates, a bit of cleaning and clearing, and admin as well as making the odd cup of tea (Of course)! I was also granted the honour of using the Camberley Youth for Christ Snapchat Spectacles for an Instagram story on one occasion!

Here is a picture of me modelling the Snapchat spectacles.

A typical afternoon for me would look something like this:

arrive (sort of critical), turn on my special laptop and then be given a brief of the tasks that Oli wanted me to do that day, for example, I might have to empty the recycling or the rubbish bins and take them down to the big wheelie bins, or I was needed to hoover the classroom floor. One of the first weeks I was here, I got to go with Oli to a meeting with a professional videographer to help film videos for the new Camberley Youth for Christ YouTube Channel! (You know, ‘don’t forget to like and subscribe’, it’s the real deal).

Whilst I have been here, Camberley Youth for Christ has gone through its rebrand process and I am proud to say that I was part of the Vision Relaunch Service that was held to celebrate! I got to be part of the youth worship band and put some of my musical skills to good use! This rebrand has included logos, posters and other kinds of promotional material, which meant I was sent on a mission to take down the old posters from around the site and replace them with new ones, which I was allowed to design!

Now for my section about Oli (don’t worry, nothing bad)! Oli has been a great supervisor and has always had a job ready for me to take on when I finish the previous. He has been joyful and encouraging and has always offered me a cup of tea (sorry, but I don’t drink tea)! He has been understanding if I have arrived late or had to cancel last minute and very apologetic when he’s arrived a little late too (I didn’t mind, no one ever plans to find traffic!).

To conclude…

I have really enjoyed doing my work experience here (I have achieved 29 hours of Meaningful Employer Engagement, the new name for work experience). I would say that my favourite part of working for Camberley Youth for Christ has been getting to design numerous different things and put my graphic design skills to the test! I have also been introduced to different programs that I have been able to put to good use in my own life.

I would say that the only thing I have maybe struggled with, has been working for that extended period of time, as it is something that I am not yet used to, still being in full-time education and all! However, this is something that I know I will learn to live with when entering the real world of work! Another part of doing my work experience with CYFC that I have enjoyed is the location. Kings was my secondary school and as I only left a year ago, I have got to speak to some of my teachers and catch up. It’s also been nice to see the difference that Kings has gone through in the last year too! Of course I couldn’t do too much chatting, there was plenty of work to be done!

“Undertaking some form of work experience is critical for young people”

As the title suggests, a work experience placement is a way for people, especially young people, to experience what it is like to be in a professional work environment, as well as have a taste of the types of tasks that adults have to do every day as part of their job. I would say that undertaking some form of work experience is critical for young people, particularly between Year 10 and Year 13, when we have to start making decisions regarding our futures and career options. I think that a work experience placement is an excellent way for young people to decide what they like/dislike and want from a job.

I would definitely recommend Camberley Youth for Christ as a work experience placement to other people, both young and old! Christian or non-Christian!

So that’s me done! Wow, it’s gone so fast! I hope that this little insight has informed and maybe even entertained you!

See you later.

Lydia (work experience guinea pig 2018).


You can read more about the rebrand by clicking the post below.

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