This year, 4 of our youth, including me went to Soul Survivor. In case you don’t know, Soul Survivor is a Christian camp for young people to have fun and encounter God and is led by Mike Pilarvachi and Andy Croft.

The four of us went with Camberley Youth For Christ, with the Centre Director, Oli Deeks and Charlotte Gosden (volunteer) as our leaders and young people and leaders from other churches in the area (All Saints Lightwater, St John’s Windlesham and Frimley Baptist Church).

The event takes place in the east of England showground, in Peterborough, which had a variety of places to go and things to do, such as cafes, seminars, the basement and the Toolshed. The basement had a range of games and activities, and the Toolshed held stands from Christian organisations, as well as a bookshop and merchandise.

The main event of the week, however, were the main meetings; a time of worship and talks and prayer held twice a day. In these meetings there were a range of speakers, including Rachel Gardner, Laura Handcock, Tim Ross and the lead pastors Mike and Andy. We even had rend collective for one night to lead worship, who are soon to perform for the Pope in Ireland.

The seminars we went to were pretty good all round, and were relevant to us as young people and especially to those of us receiving exam results. We listened to talks such as “Does God even like me?” “Jesus loves Thanos” and “hearing God’s voice in life’s biggest moments.” We even liked Tim Ross, one of the speakers, so much that we and a few other young people from our group created “Tim Ross appreciation day” which, to our delight, he mentioned on one of his posts on Instagram.

On the last day, we all got into fancy dress, with the theme of Emojis, and we held the award ceremony. Kirsty Laird, won the award for most ‘helpful camper’ and for most seminars, with 10 seminars. Some costumes in our group included Oli going as a baby, Abbie as a bee and I went as the swearing emoji. We also spotted several dinosaurs, grapes and an ice cream. We were glad to have beautiful sunshine all week, except unfortunately for the day we took down our tents, so we came home feeling wet, but also full of memories, happiness and excitement for next year. We had a brilliant time, and if you would like to experience some worship similar to Soul Survivor, then Camberley Youth for Christ is holding a youth service called the Point on the 23rd of September here at High Cross. If you want to worship by youth, for youth then come along.

Laura Everard


This article can also be found on the High Cross Church website for their CrossTalks magazine.