We have a new look!

“We’re very happy about this change! Actually we love it!”

We’ve had a complete rebrand at Camberley Youth for Christ.

At Camberley Youth for Christ we are registered individual charity. However, we’re governed by and charter with British Youth for Christ and they decided it’s time for change, which has impacted us and 70 other Youth for Christ centres across Britain.

We’ve moved away from our trusted brand, which we’ve had since 2004 and what we slightly upgraded in 2016.



The answer is so that more young people’s lives will be changed by Jesus.

“We are more young people focused in look and feel!”

How does changing our brand do that?

To start with, we are moving away from the abbreviation ‘CYFC’!  We believe our name declares who we are, what we are about and keeps us honest in our mission. We are “Camberley Youth for Christ”. In other words, we are stating our very mission every time we introduce ourselves and ensuring we keep ourselves focussed on that task. We’re about young people and we’re about serving Jesus through the great commission.

New Logo

Since our logo had ‘Camberley YFC’ embedded within the image, the logo had to go! What it’s been replaced with is the letter Y, featuring a heart. We believe God’s heart beats for young people across this nation and we believe that Jesus can transform the lives of the least, the lost and the most broken of young people.

Enduring Mission

Our mission to “take Good News relevantly to young people in and around Camberley” firmly remains. Our commitment to 4 D Evangelism – where we DEMONSTRATE the love of God, DECLARE who Jesus is, give opportunities for a DECISION to follow Him and DISCIPLE young people to live their lives to the full – is also staying. The tagline of our movement has been simplified: “we’re about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus” and we are committed to that call.


So what do you think about our change?


British Youth for Christ have a cool video explaining more about our change. Check it out.

Watch the video “Change…”